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Tributes are only added to this page in accordance with the wishes of the loved ones of those who have passed away.

Colin Cleave

With great sadness, we learnt of the death of Colin Cleave, after a long illness, in August 2017. Colin was a true gentleman: those who knew him knew how attentively he would listen, and, when he contributed to conversation, how it would be with kindness, wisdom and good humour. A talented engineer, he would also offer practical, and knowledgeable help within the community. Outwith the successful and community-focussed printing business which he and Anne established, his commitment to the Salen Show, and the Historical Society were appreciated in the wider Mull Community, while closer to home, he gave valued support to the Lunch Club, as its ‘chair’, a role that saw him welcome with equal kindness, old and newcomers alike. We would like to extend our sincere sympathy to Anne, and to their family.

Chrissie MacDonald

Chrissie sadly passed away in the summer of 2017, after a long illness, patiently endured. Chrissie was simply special: her deep roots in this place, her impassioned love for the language and culture of her forbears, and the wonderful outpouring of these in words and practical action were a treasure for the local community. She was majorly responsible for the promotion of Gaelic on Mull over many, many years; she founded and ran the Gaelic playgroup, and organised trips to other Gaelic communities and participation in the Mod, wherever it might be held. She was a true pillar of the ‘Rural’, holding office many, many times. In recent years she was a staunch supporter of the Ulva Ferry Lunch Club, (her sublime soup being the centrepiece of each lunch!) and supported a number of USCA events. She had a deep appreciation of what the Caolas Ulbha project aimed at, and contributed majorly both by offering ‘An Evening with Chrissie’ at which she shared her rich store of tales, and by preparing a Gaelic translation of the archive’s homepage, and some personal recollections, for the Caolas Ulbha website. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Anne and Alison, who know how much we all miss their mum, a remarkable and lovely lady.

Colin Bissett

The shock and sadness felt when folks heard of Colin’s death in July 2016, cannot be overstated. Colin was truly a ‘good shepherd’. His love of the land, the creatures, and of his work with both was deeply part of him. His was a gentle smile and a wave, as he went along the road.

A fine guitarist, he contributed warmly and with great skill to the Ceilidhs held by USCA in recent years, and we remember this with great thanks, together with the generosity of spirit he showed in entertaining the company at the Caolas Ulbha Burns Supper, with a twinkle in his eye, just a couple of years ago, in 2014.

He is sorely missed.

Our truly deepest sympathies go Anne, Chrissie, and all his family.


Betsy Ingram

Betsy first came to Ulva Ferry as the young school teacher, in 1964. Pictures of her at that time show her loveliness, and hint at the kindness and intelligence which all who knew her, and miss her, remember so well.

In recent years, though she and Ivarr lived in Salen, she still remained a real and active part of the community, still ‘keeping house’ at Craigmore, and flying down the road to the lunch club, and to visit. She took a close interest in USCA, and was particularly keen when the Caolas Ulbha project began. Her contributions, indeed, helped to shape the whole direction of the project to which she contributed with great enthusiasm and generosity of time and effort.

Betsy passed away in November 2015, after a long battle with cancer. We offer our deepest sympathies to Ivarr, and to all their family.


Bert Leitch

The whole community was once again deeply saddened in July 2015, when Bert Leitch passed away, after a lengthy struggle with cancer.

Bert was truly a man of many parts: a farmer, deeply loving the land and the animals he cared for, and profoundly concerned for the well-being and future of the community – the wider farming community of Scotland and Argyll, the island as a whole, and the local community. To that end he served the NFU locally and nationally, the Mull Community Council, and was, from the start, strongly supportive of USCA, and most of all its aim to help more young people to stay in or return to the area, through the provision of affordable housing.

The community will forever hold a debt of great gratitude for the generous gift of the land at Acharonich, and the facilitation of the housing project alongside the school, by the affordable sale of the land by Bert and Chris.

But as we remember Bert – smiling, passionate, committed - the thought, most of all is just – we miss him, and offer our deepest sympathies to Chris, and all their family.


George Clarke

Also, with sadness, we learnt of the death, early in 2015, of George Clarke, who moved to Achleck in 2008, to stay with Rhona and John. Although struggling with illness, he found time to share his great talent for chess with the younger generation, and is remembered with great fondness by his neighbours, young and old.

Our sincere condolences are extended to Rhona, John and all their family.


Kenneth Way

Again, we learnt, in late summer 2014, with sadness, of the sudden death of Kenneth Way, who came over each week, voluntarily, from Tenga to teach the cello and flute to the children. His loss will be sorely felt at the school and at gatherings, and we would like to express our sympathy to all his family.


Mairi Macrae

Again, it was with great, great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Mairi Macrae, in the summer of 2014.She was a quiet, kind, and beautiful presence in this community, who created a little bit of heaven in her garden at Ballygown. She is greatly missed by all.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to her mother, Katie Mary, and their family.


Iain Munro

It was with huge shock that we all heard, in May 2014, of the tragic death of Iain Munro. Iain was a lovely man, a real pillar of life here on the north-west coast - his skills, his kindness and humour were shared generously; he was truly loved – and he is sorely missed.

USCA would like to express our deep sympathy to Rhoda, and all his family.


Mrs Jean Howard

We were greatly saddened by the death of Mrs Howard. She was a kind, well-loved lady, very community-minded and always especially interested in everything that the local children were doing. She was particularly supportive of the Calgary Sports. Her hardiness and resilience commanded deep respect – she would travel by quad bike and boat in all weathers in spite of her advancing years and reducing mobility. She had a smile and a wave for everyone. Ulva and our community is the poorer for her passing.


Jessie Macquarie

USCA wishes to pay tribute to Jessie Macquarie, who sadly passed away on Sat 28th December, 2013. Jessie's contribution to life on Mull was huge, and she will be truly greatly missed.

USCA remembers with enormous gratitude and affection that she was a great and determined supporter...queen of the raffles! Our sympathy goes to Adie, and to Jeannie, to Margaret, and all her family.