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The Houses Are Going Up!

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Ulva Ferry Pontoon In Action!

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A Good Season For The Community Bus

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With Very Great Gladness…

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First Responders For The North-West Coast

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March 2021

Covid - 19 Help and Advice

We have been asked to place the following leaflet onto our site:
Help to Hand

June 2018

Shore Facilities Information

Community meeting on Thursday 28th June, Ulva School 7.30pm to see the Ulva Ferry Shore Facilities proposals. All welcome.  The poster advertising the community meeting is available here.

The potential sites for Shore Facilities are available here.

The Shore Facilities site assessments are available here.

May 2018

The USCA AGM has approved a document on Data Protection which also contains our privacy policy

You can access the document by clicking here.

March 2018

USCA is pleased to learn that funding has been promised to enable the Community Buyout of Ulva.

December 2017

The USCA Committee has issued a letter of support to North West Mull Community Woodland Company in the proposed community buyout of Ulva.

The text of the letter can be found here.

November 2017

There are two meetings coming up about the feasibility study into the community buyout of Ulva which will give people the chance to ask questions and hear the latest information about the buyout.

You can get details here.

September 2017

The Autumn newsletter from the school is now available here.

June 2017

It was thrilling to be able to welcome two new families to the new affordable housing. Over the last six or seven years many people have been involved in the project to provide affordable family housing within the area.

At times it seemd this would never happen but people kept working and putting together plans. A huge 'thank you' to all involved, at any time, in the affordable housing project.

You can read more details here:

March 2017

You are warmly invited to attend the USCA AGM on Wednesday 29th March 2017 at 7:30 pm at Ulva School.

Everyone is welcome to come along and share ideas, concerns, dreams or just the tea and cake!

We’ll hear the latest updates from the LDOs and others, about the various projects in our area, and have a chance to do some ‘blue-sky’ thinking about the future.

Please do join us for this special evening.

December 2016

What a year 2016 has been! Thanks to all who have, not just this year, but since the founding of USCA in 2011, done an incredible amount to bring us to this point, and to help to give the community a secure future….

Whatever achievements are celebrated on this site, they arise from the community - the massive efforts and contributions and good will of folks who live and work along the north-west coast of Mull, and on Ulva and Gometra, hugely supported by the many family and friends elsewhere on the islands, and beyond.

Both individuals and organisations have played a part, and USCA wishes to express particular thanks to the Local Development Officers, present and past: Cally Fleming, Alasdair Satchell, Colin Morrison, and Sam Jones, and to the Housing Project Officer, (now LDO) Helen MacDonald, MICT’s General Manager, Moray Finch, and all at MICT for their utterly invaluable work on behalf of the community here, which underpins all the current projects you will read about on this site.

Each has been doing what they can, out of an appreciation for the people of this area and for the place itself. The world keeps changing and challenging, but there is an ongoing hope that younger people will be able to settle, to work and grow and to live in harmony with each other and with the earth in this place, and that the older members of the community will be helped, even in small ways, to live here happily and securely.

At long last, so much of what USCA members have been hoping and working for has started to take shape. Please click on our news items opposite to find out more…